I've never hired a professional organizer before. What can I expect the process to be like?

1. Consultation
After we first connect, I will schedule a consultation with you. This is on-site, where I will be able to ask questions about what your goals are and take pictures, measurements, and provide some initial ideas. I will email a copy of my notes and provide an estimate for the project timeline and cost.

2. Organization Sessions
These are the sessions where we do the actual organizing. We will work together on categorizing, sorting, and placing your items. These sessions may be completed in one day with multiple hours, or spaced out depending on your schedule.

3. Reflection
This will be a time to evaluate the space, rework anything if necessary, and prepare to move on to maintaining the space. The next project can be started at this time as well.

What areas of the home do you organize?

I am happy to organize any area of the home you would like. I can assist with an area as concentrated as your refrigerator shelves to spaces as large as a garage or basement. Clothing and linen closets as well as pantries are common areas. Home offices, mud rooms, bathrooms, play rooms – any where you see that organization could help your life flow more smoothly – these are all areas I'm eager to help with.

Do you offer services associated with packing for or unpacking from a move?

Yes, I am able to assist with packing for a move of any size or unpacking from a move into a new home. Many times, downsizing is a natural part of packing in anticipation of a move, so that service would obviously go hand in hand.

Do you charge for a consultation?

The charge for a consultation is $65. You will get a summary email from me after the consultation with recommendations and estimates. The $65 charge will be applied to your first session if you choose to book services with me.

What do you charge for your services?

My rate is $65 per hour. Typically, projects will need more than one hour, so I do offer 4-hour or 8-hour packages for a bundled discount. These packages may be used all in one day, or may be spread out over time.

Do I need to be present when you are working?

This is an answer that will vary according to your preference and the project. If it is a project that needs a great deal of input from you, it is important that you are at least near by during the process. If the circumstances of the project allow, I am happy to take that responsibility off your shoulders.

How long does a typical project take?

Again this varies according to your unique project needs and your preferences. If you need me as simply a "project manager" and are willing to do much of the legwork yourself, my total time on the project would be much less than someone who wants me to be there for each step. I have found some clients need me to be there physically or no organizing gets done. Some clients are good with periodic check-ins and regular homework assignments. It depends on your personal style.

Do you provide organizing materials such as baskets, labels, etc.?

I do provide labels via a portable label maker and will come to each job with basic supplies including wide masking tape, Sharpies, graph paper and a measuring tape. I am happy to shop for any additional supplies including baskets, hangers, etc. which would be invoiced to you.

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